Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another Knit Crate Project

How many knitting tools can we fit in our box to ship to Knit Crate today?  ALOT!!! We have been so busy cutting, sanding, and buffing since our return from Nashville, but we are just having too much fun creating these fun pieces to accompany the March subscription shipment.  SO many goodies in 1 box!  What a treat :-)  We won't spoil the spoiler, but check out the Knit Crate blog to see what's arriving this month...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well for those of you that are new to us let me introduce Images Stitchery Design. We are a 2 woman owned and operated manufacturing company that focuses on Needle Arts Wood Accessories. 

The owners Molly and Kath purchased this 20 year old business from Molly's parents last year. Before that we owned a fibre arts and vintage retail shop. That influence still appears in our designs, trade space displays and just our general look on life. We also like to think it gives us a unique perspective on what our customers would like and what it takes for them to make a successful shop.

Images' designs this spring represent our love of vintage clip art, antiques and all things pretty. We love to talk to our customers, read blogs, shopping cute little shops of any kind, and of course Pinterest for inspiration.

We will try to post pretties we see here on a regular basis, so check back monthly.